Girl Science Fabric by Zinnia’s Closet

Girl science fabric designed by Zinnia’s Closet.

Exciting things are happening at Zinnia’s Closet! Introducing our very own girl science fabric!

Chemistry Fabric by Zinnia's ClosetBiology Fabric by Zinnia's ClosetMath Fabric by Zinnia's Closet

Science was my first love. I studied chemistry and biology in school and worked for 10 years as a scientist before having my family. When I learned how to sew, I discovered science fabric! I couldn’t resist buying every pattern I could find. Over time I realized that many others enjoy the fabric as much as I do.

Earlier this year I decided to design my own science fabric, starting with my three favorite subjects: chemistry, biology and math. I wanted to appeal to girls, and make the designs fun and educational at the same time.

The chemistry design has a few simple calculations, along with colorful lab equipment and chemical elements. The biology fabric covers several areas of biology, from medicine to zoology to botany. The math fabric has some basic algebra and geometry, and interesting patterns such as the binary code and Fibonacci sequence.

I wanted to have some diversity in the designs as well. There are three different girls available with each pattern:




I’ll be adding more subjects and girls in the coming months. I’d love to hear what you think! Please comment below, and feel free to send a message if you have any requests.

If you’d like to see the bags I made with these designs, please click here.




Monster Lab Fabric by Studio e

Adorable monster scientists are featured on this Monster Lab fabric from Studio E.

Monster Lab Patches

Fabric Name- Monster Lab Patches by Dana Saulnier of the Patterned Peacock for Studio e Fabrics

Material- 100% cotton fabric

Background color- White

Theme- Science and Monsters


Five colorful monsters are busy doing science experiments in this fun design. Two monsters are wearing lab coats, one has a pocket protector! Another monster is taking notes on a clip board. One is holding a flask, while the final monster wears safety goggles. The words Theory, Experiment and Molecule are scattered throughout the pattern. A flask being heated by a Bunsen burner, a microscope, test tubes in a rack, and a row of beakers and flasks are also featured.

I hope you enjoy this adorable science fabric. Check out the bag I made with it here.

Science is fun!

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

DNA, cells and chromosomes are featured in this fabric called Monster Lab DNA by Studio E.

Monster Lab DNA

April 21-27, 2019 is Medical Laboratory Professionals Week.

So in honor of Lab Week, I thought I’d share this science fabric by Studio e. It’s called Monster Lab DNA by Dana Saulnier of The Patterned Peacock. There are cells, strands of DNA, tubes of DNA, and atomic rings. The words Scientist, Genes, Atom, DNA, Nucleus and Molecules are scattered throughout the pattern. If you look closely at the background, you can see X’s, which are chromosomes. I think this pattern is very fitting for a medical laboratory.

Check out the bag I made with this fabric here.

Happy Lab Week to all the Medical Laboratory Professionals out there!

Northcott Big Bang Fabric

Colorful and educational Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Math fabric designed by Deborah Edwards for Nothcott Studio.

I am so excited about this new science and math fabric from Northcott Studio!

Northcott Big Bang Main

Fabric Name- Big Bang (Main Design)- by Deborah Edwards for Northcott Studio

Material- 100% cotton fabric

Background color- Navy Blue

Theme- Science and Math


Big Bang is packed with colorful science and math icons on a navy blue background. It covers chemistry, physics, biology and math in a fun and educational way. This fabric would be great in a science classroom. Take a look at all the great things in this design:

“Mathematics- the study of numbers, structure, space and change”. The math icons include a ruler, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division signs, a set square (triangle ruler), a sine wave, pie chart, the pi symbol, a square root sign, a triangular prism, cylinder, cube, pencil, X+Y=, 90° and the word Equations.

“Physics- the study of matter, energy and the interaction between them.” The words Einstein, Electricity and Magnetism are featured here. There is a light bulb and a horseshoe shaped magnet with waves above it. The VIR triangle is for Ohm’s Law: Voltage = Current x Resistance. A small white notebook shows the equations E = mc² and V = I x R.

“Biology- the study of life and living organisms.” Biology is represented by a microscope and a leaf.

“Chemistry- the study of properties of, and interactions between, matter and energy.” The elements Magnesium, Helium, Carbon and Oxygen are displayed in hexagons. There is a ring stand holding a flask over a Bunsen burner, a round bottom flask with a green liquid, a test tube rack holding tubes of various color liquids, and single test tubes with bubbling green liquid. There are several ball and stick molecules, beakers and atomic rings. The beaker has the word Beaker over it. Carbon dioxide and water are written here as CO² and H²O. They should be written as CO2 and H2O. Finally, the words Chemical Bonds are written in cursive.

A few things didn’t fit into a particular category: a stack of books and the words Science, Discover, Learn and Experiment.

This fabric is great! It is so colorful and fun, and educational at the same time. Check out the bag I made with this fabric here.

Science is fun! Get out there and discover, learn and experiment!

Famous Scientists Fabric

Science Fair fabric by Robert Kaufman featuring famous scientists, the year they were born, and their contribution to science.

Robert Kaufman Science Fair 2 Scientists on Yellow

Science Fair is the latest collection of science fabric from Robert Kaufman. Look at all of the scientists on this pattern!

Fabric Name- Science Fair SRK-18000-5 YELLOW (I call it Famous Scientists.)

Material- 100% cotton fabric

Background color- Yellow

Theme- Science

Description: 19 scientists are featured on this black and yellow fabric. Each scientist is accompanied by the year they were born, and an icon representing some of their most important work. If you’d like to know a little bit more about each of the scientists on this fabric, read on.


Thomas Edison 1847 Lightbulb- He is known for electric power generation, and the invention of the light bulb.


Isaac Newton 1643 Telescope- built the first reflecting telescope, discovered the laws of motion and laws of gravity.


Richard Feynman 1918- shown with the Feynman diagram in quantum electrodynamics. He was a theoretical physicist.


Marie Curie 1867 Radioactive Symbol- A physicist and chemist who researched radioactivity. Continue reading “Famous Scientists Fabric”

Kanvas Academic Club Good Chemistry Fabric

One of my very favorite science fabrics: Kanvas Academic Club Good Chemistry.

Kanvas Academic Club Good Chemistry

The first science fabric I ever bought was this very colorful pattern called Good Chemistry. It is one of my absolute favorites! It just makes me smile 🙂

Fabric Name- Kanvas Academic Club Good Chemistry by Maria Kalinowski

Material- 100% cotton fabric

Background color- Black

Theme- Science


This colorful fabric features classic examples of a chemistry lab. There are Bunsen burners heating flasks held on ring stands, bubbling test tubes, round bottom flasks, beakers, dripping medicine droppers, and stop watches. On another ring stand, there are two flasks connected by a curly tube, perhaps running a chemical extraction of some sort. Colorful stacks of books are scattered throughout the pattern, including Physics, Algebra and Chemistry. Also, there are many chemical elements: Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, Sodium, Carbon, Helium and Calcium.

This fabric is so much fun! I just want to run to the lab and do some experiments!

If you are interested, check out some of the bags I made with this amazing fabric here and here.

Science is fun!


Coffee as Science

Coffee. How many of us can’t get our day started without a cup of coffee? It seems like everyone has a saying or joke about it. Today, I wanted to share this very clever fabric expressing a love for coffee. It’s called Coffee as Science by Virginia Odien.

Coffee as Science

This design is so creative! Coffee is being brewed in a chemistry lab setting, creating happiness in a mug. Coffee beans, a coffee pot, spoons of sugar, pitchers of milk and water are placed together with flasks, tubes, a Bunsen burner and the chemical structure of caffeine. It’s a fun scene where one mug filled with water is sad, and the other mug, filled with coffee, is happy. I love the little hearts inside the structure of caffeine!

This fabric, and all of Virginia’s amazing designs, can be found at her shop on Spoonflower, here.

What’s your favorite expression about coffee?