Hi! I’m Jaclyn. Welcome to Zinnia’s Closet!

About Me:

I’m a wife and stay at home mom to one awesome boy. I taught myself how to sew when I needed to constantly adjust my son’s clothes. Sewing was more of a chore than it was fun. Then I made a bag for a teacher’s gift for Teacher Appreciation Day, and I had a blast! I wanted to make more bags, so I opened a shop on Etsy in April, 2015. That’s how Zinnia’s Closet came to be.

About Zinnia’s Closet:

Where did the name Zinnia’s Closet come from? Zinnias are my favorite flowers, and they are not a typical name (like Rose, or Daisy, or Lily). And “Closet”, to me, sounded better than “Shop”. So, when I needed to come up with a unique shop name to be a member of the Etsy community, I chose Zinnia’s Closet.

What is Zinnia’s Closet all about? Zinnia’s Closet makes handmade fabric gift bags and is currently owned and run by me. I take great care when sewing my bags. I aim for quality, not quantity. Yes, my bags are simple. I like simple. But my bags are well made and will not fall apart on you.

What can the bags be used for? Well, this website is here to give you some ideas. Party favors for any occasion, gift card holders, decorations, and an alternative to wrapping paper are just a few of the many possibilities.

Something you may notice when looking around this website and my shop: science themed bags. I love science. My educational background is in science. When I see science fabric, I can’t help myself. I buy the fabric and make some bags. People have bought them to give to science teachers, science teachers have bought them to carry their things and decorate their classrooms, and parents have bought them for their children’s mad scientist birthday parties. So, you will see a lot of science patterns here. I hope you like them as much as I do.

How can you purchase these bags? You can find my shop on Etsy here: ZinniasCloset. All of the bags listed there are made and ready to ship. If you’d like something different, or would like to skip Etsy altogether, feel free to email me and we can set up an order.

Thanks for reading!