Some Bunny Loves You Easter Fabric

Benartex Some Bunny Loves You

Enjoy your Easter weekend with this adorable fabric!

Fabric Name- Some Bunny Loves You Bunny Baskets by Kanvas Studios for Benartex Fabrics

Material- 100% cotton fabric

Background color- White

Theme- Easter, Spring


Adorable bunnies are sitting in baskets decorated with beautiful flowers while small birds are perched on top of colorful Easter eggs.

Check out the goody bag I made with this fabric here.

Happy Easter everyone!


Autism Awareness Day 2019

April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day. Having a young child, my family has come across many children on the Autism Spectrum in our school system. Everything from children needing to be tube fed and wheelchair bound, to those that have sensory sensitivities, to those that are absolutely brilliant. Some can hardly speak, while others are reading Shakespeare at 6 years old. We have witnessed the entire spectrum in our very small corner of the world.

I don’t pretend to know so much about Autism. I try to be supportive and understanding of the children and their parents. I know that every day can be struggle. We all need to be a little less judgmental, and a little more patient.

Be kind, everyone. Please enjoy this blue puzzle piece fabric in honor of World Autism Awareness Day, 2019.

Blue Puzzle Pieces


Happy Spring!



Happy Spring!! I hope the sunshine and mild temperatures of spring reach you soon! It has been a long winter.

Enjoy this beautiful floral fabric while you’re waiting for the flowers to bloom where you are.

Fabric Name-  Spring Theory by August Wren for Dear Stella fabrics

Material- 100% cotton fabric

Background color- White

Theme- Floral


A beautiful collection of springtime flowers in a rainbow of colors.

Take a look at the bag I made with this fabric here. It would be perfect for mom on Mother’s Day!

Carrot Patch Bunnies

StudioE Carrot Patch

March is here and it’s time to get ready for Easter!

Fabric Name- Carrot Patch Bunnies by Sharla Fults for Studio E Fabrics.

Material- 100% cotton fabric

Background color- Multi

Theme- Easter, Spring, Bunnies


Adorable bunnies are dressed in their gardening clothes collecting carrots. A cute girl bunny is wearing a dress and a hat while playing with a bird. A boy bunny is dressed in overalls with pockets stuffed with carrots. Another bunny is juggling Easter eggs. The pattern has colorful birds, butterflies, flowers and Easter eggs scattered in between the rabbits.

This fabric would be great to use for a children’s Easter celebration. It would make an adorable skirt or dress. Check out the bag I made to use for an Easter egg hunt, a small purse for a little girl, or a gift for Easter.

What will you make with this fabric?

Northcott Big Bang Fabric

I am so excited about this new science and math fabric from Northcott Studio!

Northcott Big Bang Main

Fabric Name- Big Bang (Main Design)- by Deborah Edwards for Northcott Studio

Material- 100% cotton fabric

Background color- Navy Blue

Theme- Science and Math


Big Bang is packed with colorful science and math icons on a navy blue background. It covers chemistry, physics, biology and math in a fun and educational way. This fabric would be great in a science classroom. Take a look at all the great things in this design:

“Mathematics- the study of numbers, structure, space and change”. The math icons include a ruler, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division signs, a set square (triangle ruler), a sine wave, pie chart, the pi symbol, a square root sign, a triangular prism, cylinder, cube, pencil, X+Y=, 90° and the word Equations.

“Physics- the study of matter, energy and the interaction between them.” The words Einstein, Electricity and Magnetism are featured here. There is a light bulb and a horseshoe shaped magnet with waves above it. The VIR triangle is for Ohm’s Law: Voltage = Current x Resistance. A small white notebook shows the equations E = mc² and V = I x R.

“Biology- the study of life and living organisms.” Biology is represented by a microscope and a leaf.

“Chemistry- the study of properties of, and interactions between, matter and energy.” The elements Magnesium, Helium, Carbon and Oxygen are displayed in hexagons. There is a ring stand holding a flask over a Bunsen burner, a round bottom flask with a green liquid, a test tube rack holding tubes of various color liquids, and single test tubes with bubbling green liquid. There are several ball and stick molecules, beakers and atomic rings. The beaker has the word Beaker over it. Carbon dioxide and water are written here as CO² and H²O. They should be written as CO2 and H2O. Finally, the words Chemical Bonds are written in cursive.

A few things didn’t fit into a particular category: a stack of books and the words Science, Discover, Learn and Experiment.

This fabric is great! It is so colorful and fun, and educational at the same time. Check out the bag I made with this fabric here.

Science is fun! Get out there and discover, learn and experiment!

Love Struck Valentine’s Day Fabric

Henry Glass Love Struck

Fabric Name- Love Struck Valentine Tossed Patch by Shelly Comiskey of Simply Shelly Designs for Henry Glass Fabrics

Material- 100% cotton fabric

Background color- White

Theme- Valentine’s Day, Love


This adorable new Henry Glass fabric has tossed Valentine’s Day cards on a white background. There are six different cards on the fabric with red and pink hearts scattered in between.

  • Cupid is shooting arrows on a red card with pink hearts.
  • Red lips and the words “Kiss Me” are on a pink striped card.
  • There is a red bug with black heart-shaped spots and the words “Love Bug” written on a pink card with pink hearts .
  • Red and pink heart-shaped flowers and “Love Grows” are on a pink card.
  • A red “XO” sits on a large pink heart with an arrow through it. This background is pink with red hearts.
  • Finally, there is a large red heart on a pink background.

What will you make with this beautiful Valentine’s Day fabric? Check out the Valentine’s Day goody bag I made here.


Famous Scientists Fabric

Robert Kaufman Science Fair 2 Scientists on Yellow

Science Fair is the latest collection of science fabric from Robert Kaufman. Look at all of the scientists on this pattern!

Fabric Name- Science Fair SRK-18000-5 YELLOW (I call it Famous Scientists.)

Material- 100% cotton fabric

Background color- Yellow

Theme- Science

Description: 19 scientists are featured on this black and yellow fabric. Each scientist is accompanied by the year they were born, and an icon representing some of their most important work. If you’d like to know a little bit more about each of the scientists on this fabric, read on.


Thomas Edison 1847 Lightbulb- He is known for electric power generation, and the invention of the light bulb.


Isaac Newton 1643 Telescope- built the first reflecting telescope, discovered the laws of motion and laws of gravity.


Richard Feynman 1918- shown with the Feynman diagram in quantum electrodynamics. He was a theoretical physicist.


Marie Curie 1867 Radioactive Symbol- A physicist and chemist who researched radioactivity. Continue reading “Famous Scientists Fabric”