Wine Bags Are Now In Stock

Zinnia’s Closet is now offering a new product: wine bags!

Have you ever been invited to a friend’s or colleague’s home for dinner? You feel like you should bring something as a small gift. Maybe some flowers, a nice dessert, or a bottle of wine. You could carry that bottle of wine in the brown paper bag you got at the liquor store, or you could wrap it in a fabric bag.

Product Details: The bag is large enough to hold one bottle of wine. The handles are handmade with fabric. There is even a small pocket on the inside to hold a corkscrew.

Here is a picture of the first wine bag that I’ve made. Look for more bags in the coming weeks. Let me know what kinds of patterns you’d like to see on them in the comments section.

Timeless Treasures Wine Words Tan Wine Bag

Wine Bags?


I came across this fabric the other day with funny wine sayings on it. “I make wine disappear, what’s your superpower?”, “Wine makes me awesome”, “Wine a little, you’ll feel better”, “Wine, aerobics and repeat”, “My doctor says I need glasses”.

It got me thinking about a new product line: wine bags! I started working on the design of the bag.  How to place the handles, how much of the wine bottle should be covered, how long the handles should be, possibly adding a pocket for a corkscrew. It’s coming along. I hope to have a bag ready in the coming weeks.

What do you think? What kind of fabric designs would you like to see on a wine bag? Do you like wine related designs- grapes, wine bottles, wine glasses? Do you like holiday themes? Pretty florals? Comment below!