Monster Lab Fabric by Studio e

Adorable monster scientists are featured on this Monster Lab fabric from Studio E.

Monster Lab Patches

Fabric Name- Monster Lab Patches by Dana Saulnier of the Patterned Peacock for Studio e Fabrics

Material- 100% cotton fabric

Background color- White

Theme- Science and Monsters


Five colorful monsters are busy doing science experiments in this fun design. Two monsters are wearing lab coats, one has a pocket protector! Another monster is taking notes on a clip board. One is holding a flask, while the final monster wears safety goggles. The words Theory, Experiment and Molecule are scattered throughout the pattern. A flask being heated by a Bunsen burner, a microscope, test tubes in a rack, and a row of beakers and flasks are also featured.

I hope you enjoy this adorable science fabric. Check out the bag I made with it here.

Science is fun!