Awesome Science Fabric- Geek Chic by Studio e

Science is fun! Here is some colorful chemistry fabric called Geek Chic by Studio e.


Fabric Name: Geek Chic Large Allover Fabric by Studio e

Material: 100% cotton fabric

Background color: Navy Blue

Other colors: Yellow, orange, sky blue, medium blue, lime green, red, gray.

Theme: Science


Laboratory glassware, chemical formulas and science icons outlined in white, on a navy blue background.

The chemical formulas and elements include: Cu, H₂O, H₂CO, H₂SO₄, N₂, NH₂, CO₂. Some chemical structures and reactions are: Cu + ½ O₂ →CuO, water, ethylene, CH₃-CH-C₃H₇, and ethane. The word CHEMISTRY is written in white letters. The fabric also has atomic rings, a beaker with a green liquid, a water bottle with blue liquid, and a gray ring stand holding a round bottom flask with bubbling red liquid. A blue burner is heating that flask with 3 yellow flames. There is an Erlenmeyer flask with a bubbling blue liquid, and a graduated cylinder with a yellow and orange liquid. Four bubbling test tubes are scattered throughout the pattern with yellow, orange, green or blue liquid. A fifth tube has green liquid that is not bubbling. Finally, there are two more beakers, one large and one small, containing a green liquid. They are connected by a curly blue tube dripping liquid into the smaller beaker.

This fabric is so colorful and cheerful! It makes me happy 🙂 Science is fun!


Celebrating The Unofficial Start of Summer


Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer. It’s time to put away those heavy coats and snow boots and bring out the flip flops and sunglasses!

To celebrate, I wanted to share this fun fabric with you. An owl summer cookout! It has a patriotic theme with its red, white and blue colors. The red charcoal grill is smoking. One owl is cooking, wearing an apron and holding a spatula. Another owl is wearing sunglasses and waving a pinwheel. A third owl is hanging out eating watermelon. The fabric is decorated with flip flops, stars, watermelon, hot dogs and popsicles. It’s a great summer party!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!

A Simple Note Makes an Impact


The trip to the mailbox is typically uneventful. Magazines, bills, advertisements for insurance or cable… nothing exciting. When there is a birthday in the house or the holidays are drawing near, we’ll get some cards from family and friends. This week I went to the mailbox not expecting anything other than junk, when to my surprise there was a card addressed to me. It’s not my birthday, so what could it be? It was a Thank You note!

A few weeks ago I went to an event hosted by the college I attended. I didn’t think anything of it. I spent the afternoon chatting with fellow alumni about life back then and had a nice lunch. The school was there to talk about the big changes happening on campus starting in the fall.

So I opened my mail and was surprised to see a handwritten thank you note from the school representative that attended our event! She thanked me for spending the afternoon with her. She invited me, and she paid for lunch, and there she was, thanking me! I was so surprised that she even gave me a second thought, not to mention take the time out of her busy schedule to sit down, hand write a note and put it in the mail!

With all the technology in our lives today, we are bombarded with emails, texts, and status updates. We never seem to take the time to write a letter with a pen and paper. I have to say, it is very refreshing. A small note goes a long way to let someone know that you care about them, that they are important to you. It really stands out and makes an impact.

Write a note to someone you care about today 🙂


Happy Lab Week!

Timeless Treasures Chemistry White

April 22-28, 2018 is Medical Laboratory Professionals Week.

So in honor of Lab Week, I thought I’d share this science fabric by Timeless Treasures. It’s called Chemistry White, but it has physics and biology on it as well. I love how the design looks like the doodles you might find in a science notebook. The fabric is very detailed. There are wiring diagrams, chemical structures, math formulas and chemical reactions along with beakers, flasks, test tubes and other scientific equipment. Every time I look at it, I see something new!

Happy Lab Week to all the Medical Laboratory Professionals out there!

Thank a Teacher During Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s time to start preparing for Teacher Appreciation Week which begins on May 7, 2018.

There were many wonderful teachers in my life. They were always full of kind words and encouragement. There was the teacher that had a belief in my abilities when I had no confidence of my own. The teacher that pushed me harder and harder until I thought I would snap, but then one day I finally got it! The teachers that made learning fun. And especially the teacher that noticed me when others didn’t seem to care.

Teachers make a difference in their students’ lives in ways they don’t always realize. Don’t forget to thank a teacher during Teacher Appreciation Week.




Wine Bags Are Now In Stock

Zinnia’s Closet is now offering a new product: wine bags!

Have you ever been invited to a friend’s or colleague’s home for dinner? You feel like you should bring something as a small gift. Maybe some flowers, a nice dessert, or a bottle of wine. You could carry that bottle of wine in the brown paper bag you got at the liquor store, or you could wrap it in a fabric bag.

Product Details: The bag is large enough to hold one bottle of wine. The handles are handmade with fabric. There is even a small pocket on the inside to hold a corkscrew.

Here is a picture of the first wine bag that I’ve made. Look for more bags in the coming weeks. Let me know what kinds of patterns you’d like to see on them in the comments section.

Timeless Treasures Wine Words Tan Wine Bag