Watercolor Shamrocks Fabric for St. Patrick’s Day

Beautiful green shamrock fabric for St. Patrick’s Day.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I wanted to share this beautiful fabric with you.

Watercolor Shamrocks Fabric

Watercolor shamrocks- 100% cotton fabric

Background color- Dark green

Other colors- Lime green and Kelly green

Theme- St. Patrick’s Day


Tossed shamrocks on a dark green background. Kelly green was used to watercolor the lime green shamrocks. It’s a simple design, and is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

Here is a party favor bag I made:

Watercolor Shamrocks Bag

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



Happy Pi Day!


Today is March 14th, Happy Pi Day!

Check out this awesome fabric featuring Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Math, Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra and Calculus.

It is called Scientifically Speaking- Multi Mavro, and is part of the Geekery Collection by Sue Marsh for RJR Fabrics.

I’m a Maker Fabric

A fun fabric for all of the makers in your life.


I’m a Maker Fabric by Art Gallery Fabrics

This simple gray and white fabric is perfect for makers! I love all of the sayings on this fabric: Start somewhere, Just keep making, Creativity rules, I’m a maker, Only you can make it happen, Fall in love with as many things as possible, Handmade with love, etc.

This fabric would make a great bag to tote around craft supplies and tools. Would you like to see this design in a larger tote?


Wine Bags?


I came across this fabric the other day with funny wine sayings on it. “I make wine disappear, what’s your superpower?”, “Wine makes me awesome”, “Wine a little, you’ll feel better”, “Wine, aerobics and repeat”, “My doctor says I need glasses”.

It got me thinking about a new product line: wine bags! I started working on the design of the bag.  How to place the handles, how much of the wine bottle should be covered, how long the handles should be, possibly adding a pocket for a corkscrew. It’s coming along. I hope to have a bag ready in the coming weeks.

What do you think? What kind of fabric designs would you like to see on a wine bag? Do you like wine related designs- grapes, wine bottles, wine glasses? Do you like holiday themes? Pretty florals? Comment below!

Fun Ways to Use Science Bags

IMG_3435 - Edited

You might be asking yourself, what can I use science bags for? Lots of things! Throw a mad science party and give them away as a party favor. The larger bags are big enough to hold a child’s paperback book- perfect for toting to the library! And what a clever way to wrap a present for your favorite science teacher on teacher appreciation day! I’ve had scientist friends use them to hold prizes at their weekly lab meetings. They like to put gift cards and candy inside. One scientist friend uses the bags to cheer up her cubicle 🙂

I love to hear all of the creative ways the science bags are used! Leave a comment below and let me know how you are using them.