Kanvas Academic Club Good Chemistry Fabric

Kanvas Academic Club Good Chemistry

The first science fabric I ever bought was this very colorful pattern called Good Chemistry. It is one of my absolute favorites! It just makes me smile 🙂

Fabric Name- Kanvas Academic Club Good Chemistry by Maria Kalinowski

Material- 100% cotton fabric

Background color- Black

Theme- Science


This colorful fabric features classic examples of a chemistry lab. There are Bunsen burners heating flasks held on ring stands, bubbling test tubes, round bottom flasks, beakers, dripping medicine droppers, and stop watches. On another ring stand, there are two flasks connected by a curly tube, perhaps running a chemical extraction of some sort. Colorful stacks of books are scattered throughout the pattern, including Physics, Algebra and Chemistry. Also, there are many chemical elements: Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, Sodium, Carbon, Helium and Calcium.

This fabric is so much fun! I just want to run to the lab and do some experiments!

If you are interested, check out some of the bags I made with this amazing fabric here and here.

Science is fun!


A Look Back at 2018

Thank You

Zinnia’s Closet began in 2015 when I opened a shop on Etsy. I didn’t start selling because I had some new or trending idea. I wanted to learn how to run a small business without the pressure of depending on the income generated from it. Sure, I could have read a bunch of books. But nothing beats hands-on learning.

At the end of every year, I like to take the time to reflect on what I’ve learned, and what I would like to achieve.

So, here we go. What happened in 2018?

I started a website! I didn’t even know where to begin one year ago. But I took the leap, chose a web host, and here I am. Blogging isn’t easy for me. I tend to internalize everything instead of sharing it with the world. I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone when I write. Will this get easier over time??

I also started an Instagram account. I haven’t mastered the art of attracting attention there, but that’s something to work on in 2019. I just read an article about how to save a draft Instagram post, so at least that will take away some of the pressure 🙂

Photography has been an interest of mine for quite a while. I bought a camera a few years ago and have slowly been learning how to take photos without the “Auto” setting. Practice, practice, practice. My photos are getting better as I gain better control of the camera. In 2019 I plan to re-take many of my product photos to make them look more professional. Along the way, I’ve learned a little bit about how to use photo-editing software. I’d rather take a good quality picture with the camera, instead of a not-so-great picture that needs to be edited. But, it doesn’t hurt to learn how to fix a picture if needed.

This year I started designing my own fabric! I made a few test drawings and printed them using Spoonflower. Next year I hope to start selling bags with my own fabric designs. I’ve already had a request to make bags with a custom fabric design!! I’ll have to write another blog about my adventures in fabric printing. I am very excited about this opportunity.

My sewing skills have increased this year! I took a deep breath and learned how to install a zipper. Wouldn’t you know, I had a customer ask for a bag with a zipper only a few weeks later! What a coincidence! Then my sister asked me if I knew how to sew a snap. I didn’t, but I figured it out!

Zinnia’s Closet hit some amazing milestones this year. In March, we hit 100 sales on Etsy. In December, we had our 100th order on Etsy, and 50 orders in just one year. There’s still a few days left in 2018, maybe we can squeeze in another order or two. I am sincerely grateful for all the wonderful customers I have had this year and am looking forward to another great year in 2019.

I have a few plans for 2019. I will continue to work on my social media and website. Of course, there will be new products. If all goes well, I’ll be offering products made with fabric that I design myself. I have BIG plans for my current customers. I’m not going to reveal my plan just yet, I want to make sure I can implement it 🙂 Eventually, I would like to make this website an e-commerce site. I don’t think that will happen in 2019, but I plan on learning enough to make that happen by 2020.

All in all, 2018 was a great year. I’m looking forward to the many lessons that 2019 will bring. Thanks, again, to all of our wonderful customers. I can’t wait to work with you again soon!

Happy Holidays!


Holiday Tweets Ornaments

Colorful retro ornaments are featured in this Christmas fabric.

Holiday Tweets Ornaments

Christmas is almost here, but there’s still time to sew some holiday crafts. Today’s featured fabric is Holiday Tweets Ornaments by Kim Schaefer from Andover Fabrics.

Colorful retro ornaments are hanging from thin white strings on a black background. This fabric is fun and bright, and is sure to add some Christmas joy to your home this holiday season.

What will you make with this fabric?

Coffee as Science

Coffee. How many of us can’t get our day started without a cup of coffee? It seems like everyone has a saying or joke about it. Today, I wanted to share this very clever fabric expressing a love for coffee. It’s called Coffee as Science by Virginia Odien.

Coffee as Science

This design is so creative! Coffee is being brewed in a chemistry lab setting, creating happiness in a mug. Coffee beans, a coffee pot, spoons of sugar, pitchers of milk and water are placed together with flasks, tubes, a Bunsen burner and the chemical structure of caffeine. It’s a fun scene where one mug filled with water is sad, and the other mug, filled with coffee, is happy. I love the little hearts inside the structure of caffeine!

This fabric, and all of Virginia’s amazing designs, can be found at her shop on Spoonflower, here.

What’s your favorite expression about coffee?

Mad Science Lab Trunk or Treat

Adventures in creating a mad science laboratory for Halloween Trunk or Treat.

Have you ever participated in a Trunk or Treat event for Halloween? I participated in my first one this year. It was so much fun!

Of course, the big decision was, how am I going to decorate my trunk? How do you decorate a trunk? How do you fill a whole trunk with stuff and not go broke?

By now you probably know that I love science. I really wanted to make a science lab. I don’t have any official scientific equipment, though. I have a lab coat, safety glasses, and gloves to use for a costume, but nothing to fill a trunk.

I went shopping at Dollar Tree, hoping to find something there. I found some caution tape, creepy bugs, glow in the dark rats (lab rats!), plastic eyeballs, and nasty teeth. I even found some green candy fingers. A plan was beginning to form…

I’d set up some jars of disgusting stuff to look like a mad scientist’s storage room. I could use a few old peanut butter jars to hold my “specimens”.


Every lab has liquids for experiments. I filled a few plastic orange juice containers with water, colored them with food coloring, and put “poison” and “acid” signs on them.


I added mineral oil and colored water to small bottles for bubbly concoctions.


Then I made a batch of slime and added a few plastic baby spiders to it to make it look extra creepy.


Free scientific icons can be found on openclipart.org, like the Radioactive and Biohazard symbols, a skull and crossbones for Poison, and images of a beaker and flask.


I made a sign for my laboratory: “Science Lab. Danger. Do Not Enter” using a neon green poster board and pasted the beakers and flasks on it.


Although this sounds like a lot, it was definitely not going to fill up my trunk. It was just a couple of peanut butter jars and orange juice containers with a bowl of candy in the middle. I really had to think about how to make my idea work. I had to make my trunk smaller. It took a while, but I finally had an idea! I had a bunch of cardboard boxes sitting around. I used them to block off the deepest part of the trunk, and to fill up the sides, leaving a much smaller area in the center. I threw a black plastic table cloth on top of the boxes to clean it up. Then I stacked everything on top. It worked!


Now, I wouldn’t be Zinnia’s Closet without my goody bags. I made MINI bags for everyone. They were big enough to hold 3 Fun Size pieces of candy, just enough for a trick-or-treater.


Trunk or Treat was a success! Almost 100 kids came to the event, it was amazing!


In case you are wondering, here’s how much it cost:

  • Eyeballs: $1
  • Teeth: $1
  • Bugs: $1
  • Rats: $1
  • Fingers: $1
  • Caution Tape: $1
  • Poster Board: $0.72
  • Mineral Oil: $1.98
  • Baby Spiders: $0.98
  • Glue for Slime: $1
  • Black Table Cloth: $0.94

Not even $12 in total! (I had borax for slime and food coloring already, that will add another $8.)

Happy Halloween!