A new idea!

As I was wrapping all of my Christmas gifts, I decided to try something new this year. Of course I was using fabric gift bags for the small presents. Usually, I tie a gift tag to the bags with the standard To/From and Merry Christmas message. As I began writing out the first tag, I had a brilliant idea! I could make the tag part of the bag! I printed out my message and attached it to the inside of the bag. Now I had a greeting card and a gift bag, all in one!


Then it was time to test it out on my friends. During the days leading up to Christmas, I made several deliveries, and gave each of my friends a bag with a special message inside. I waited for their reactions. They all loved how personal it was! It made the gift feel even more special and memorable.

These message tags are now going to be offered on all of the bags. Customers will have the option to purchase a bag with a blank tag (to write their own personal message), a tag with standard message (like Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, Thank You, etc), or a tag with a custom message. The tags are 2.75″ wide x 2″ tall. It’s super simple to add your message: all you need is a regular pen or a marker.

What do you think?


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